Stop Sound Cold.

Loud and distracting noise is more than a nuisance in businesses and homes. It not only disturbs sleep and overall comfort, but can also be a distraction during important meetings and customer interactions. For businesses, unwanted noise can cause chronic disturbance often resulting in lost sales, poor customer reviews and lower productivity.

You may not realize it, but most of the noise that makes it into a room comes in through windows. Our soundproofing panels can help minimize the noise you experience from traffic, construction, heating and cooling equipment, planes, concerts and more. But, restoring peace and quiet in your space is not the only benefit. Our panels will also tremendously improve your energy efficiency, paying for themselves many times over.

Read on to learn about the science behind our incredible soundproofing panels (hint: it has to do with a small pocket of air) or contact us today to get your quote started.

ThermoSound's Sound-Tite panels are custom-fabricated and installed just inside your existing windows. We use only the highest quality optical-grade acrylic for a vivid, clear view. And our patented panels are secured with a strong seal that virtually eliminates the flow of air.

Sound-Tite panels have already made thousands of hotel rooms, churches, offices, conference rooms and homes much quieter, more peaceful places. Now it’s your turn.